Erica Watson (coffeelovingldy) wrote in t_s_o,
Erica Watson


Welcome to t_s_o, a Trans-Siberian Orchestra Community^^ I'm your moderator, Cherri-chan.

So to kick this off, a short questionair (for your first post anwser this questions and introduce yourself):

1. How did you first hear about TSO?
2. What is your favourite CD of theirs?
3. Have you seen them live (and if so, how many times)?

1. I heard them on the radio.
2. Beathoven's Last Night (though the upcoming Night Castle just might take its place^^)
3. Yes, 4 times^^ They are AMAZING live and if you ever get the chance you definately need to go!!!

If any of you have TSO graphics, post them if you like^^ I'd love to see some!!!
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